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Five steps to keep restaurant floors clean this winter

January 11, 2011
CINCINNATI — Cintas Corporation introduced five simple steps for cleaning and maintaining restaurant floors during the cold and inclement months, according to a press release.
A recent Harris Poll indicated that 68 percent of restaurant patrons would not return to a restaurant with dirty floors, the release noted.
"From ice melt to gravel, patrons track several different types of soil into a restaurant," said Brian Garry, senior director of foodservice at Cintas.
"This can result in unsightly residue lines, scratches to floor finish and other issues that shorten the life of the floor. By taking steps to protect, maintain and deep clean floor surfaces, restaurants can limit permanent damage and keep floors looking good throughout the winter," Garry added.
According to the release, to protect floors from the assault of winter weather, Cintas suggests restaurants take several steps including using roll out mats to stop dirt and debris from entering the building at the door and dedicating a staff member to frequently mop the floors.
"Restaurants should not let their image suffer with the weather," said Dave Mesko, senior director of marketing for Cintas.
"With the right floor care program in place, restaurants can limit the impact of winter precipitation and keep floors looking great year round," Mesko concluded.
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