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Fired NSU janitors must be rehired

September 7, 2010
MIAMI, FL — Three former Nova Southeastern University (NSU) janitors who lost their jobs during a unionizing drive at the school in 2007 must be reinstated to their old posts, a federal labor agency has ruled — and each will also receive tens of thousands of dollars in back pay, according to The Miami Herald.
The recent action by the National Labor Relations Board, while being praised by union officials, also highlights the disparate treatment of NSU''s janitors when compared with janitors at the University of Miami, the article stated.
At NSU administrators responded to the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) organizing efforts by bringing in a new contractor for cleaning services, Miami-based TCB Systems which hired many of the janitors who had cleaned NSU under the old contractor, Unicco, the article noted.
According to the article, three janitors who had been vocal union supporters were let go — a retaliatory act that violated federal labor laws, the labor board ruled in an August 27 decision.
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