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Fewer than half of custodians rehired

July 27, 2010
NASHVILLE, TN — Metro schools open in just over three weeks and normally custodians are busy polishing and shining the classrooms for another year of learning, according to WSMV-TV.
But this year, the Metro school system privatized its custodial service leaving some to wonder if the schools will be ready on time, and if hundreds of Metro custodians who lost their jobs will be rehired by the private contractor any time soon, the article stated.
When Metro custodians fought privatization of their jobs, they were told they''d get first crack at employment with the private contractor: Numbers calculated by their union indicate that isn''t happening, the article noted.
According to the article, union numbers show 191 Metro school custodians have been hired by GCA; another 287 custodians who applied never got a call.
The union counts at least 40 workers they said GCA hired from outside the school system, the article added.
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