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February <I>CMM</I>: Technology can help tighten your belt

February 20, 2009
The February issue of CM/Cleaning & Maintenance Management® magazine is now available online, featuring Michael Jenkins'' How technology can help tighten your belt in 2009 article.
Jenkins states that online tracking software is web-based, accessible from anywhere and from multiple devices and helps companies automate business processes like customer service and quality control.
He notes that the keys to retaining clients are to: Resolve their negative feelings through effective communication, correct deficiencies in services found through on-site inspections, and take long-term corrective action based upon accurate measurement of performance over time.
Jenkins adds that through online tracking software, you can show your customer how you will be held accountable for all contractual work, assuring customers that their agreements will be honored.
Michael Jenkins is president of CleanTelligent Software. Michael ran a successful cleaning company for years before developing CleanTelligent — Online Tracking Software specifically used in the cleaning industry across three different countries. He can be reached at
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