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Fallen custodian honored

August 29, 2011

LOST CREEK, WV — South Harrison High School (SHHS) students honor their beloved custodian who lost his life earlier last week, according to WDTV-TV.

Joe Poling, a graduate of and a custodian at SHHS, died from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident early last week, the article stated.

According to the article, students wore Harley Davidson shirts to school on Friday, in Poling''s honor.

For students, Poling was not just a custodian, but a friend, and they plan on starting a campaign to promote motorcycle safety, the article noted.

"It''s called JP MAC, Joe Poling Motorcyclists Awareness Campaign, and we''re going to try to get it going and get with Amber''s Wish and try to kind of get that going just for other awareness purposes," said Sharman Martinez, a student at SHHS.

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