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Facility managers and cleaning professionals willing to pay for sustainability

January 26, 2012

BLOOMINGTON, IN — A survey conducted for the Sustainability Dashboard found that 43 percent of facility managers and cleaning professionals would pay more for products made by a company that practices sustainability, according to a press release.

The survey was conducted online in January 2012 with nearly 150 people participating in the survey, the release stated.

According to the release, when asked how much more are they were willing to spend for a product produced by a sustainable company, 90 percent answered five to ten percent.

"Transparency and credibility when it comes to sustainable issues are paramount today," said Elizabeth Steward, marketing manager for Sustainability Dashboard Tools.

"No one wants another greenwashing experience," Steward added.

The respondents were asked if operating a business or property in a more sustainable manner costs more, less or about the same as operating in a conventional manner, the release noted.

Forty-one percent were sure sustainability produced cost savings; 27 percent noted it costs more; and the rest were unsure or believed it was "cost neutral," the release added.

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