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Environmental advocates push for sustainability at high school level

April 6, 2012

IOWA CITY, IA — The West High EcoCentric club advocates for sustainability and environmental issues in high schools, according to The Daily Iowan.

Eleanor Marshall, the co-president of the club, worked alongside the Iowa City branch of national environmental group Summer of Solutions to develop Focus the Classroom, an attempt to integrate sustainability in the district high school curriculum, the article stated.

"Each high school has an environmental focus group, but I think every school could use a little bit more of a push," said Bailee McClellan, a Summer of Solutions project leader.

"I''m hoping that this will kind of be the steppingstone to encourage students to get involved," McClellan added.

According to the article, Liz Christiansen, the director of the University of Iowa Office of Sustainability, said speaking to the students is important because it provides a new perspective to a new generation.

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