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Enviro-Solutions release 7.18

July 18, 2011

Do Jansan Distributors Practice What They…Sell?

Ontario, Canada - Distributors and manufacturer’s reps for Enviro-Solutions, manufacturer of Green-certified cleaning chemicals and tools, were asked to complete a survey on how Green they are at home and while at work.

Ninety-three people completed the online survey.

The survey asked about a number of activities that pertain specifically to distributors/reps who spend a lot of their time traveling, both within and outside their local communities.

For instance, asked if they turn off hotel guest room lights and televisions when leaving their rooms, more than 70 percent answered “always.” (Actual survey results on all questions follow.)

As to turning down guest room air-conditioners when leaving the room, 27 percent said always; 43 percent, sometimes; the rest, rarely or never.

The distributors were also asked if they ever walk or bike to work or to run errands. Going to work, 84 percent said no; to handle an errand, 45 percent said no.

Some of the other findings included these:

· As to using Green cleaning products at home: 19 percent use “only” Green cleaning products; 49 percent, “many”; 30 percent, “some”; 2 percent, “none.”

· Asked if they use cold, warm, or hot water to clean clothes, the responses were 55 percent, cold; 36 percent, warm; and 9 percent, hot.

· As to bringing their own bags when grocery shopping, 30 percent always bring their own shopping bags; 47 percent said sometimes; 23 percent, rarely.

· Asked at what temperature they set their air-conditioners, 7 percent said 68 degrees; 12 percent, 70 degrees; 50 percent, 72 degrees; and 31 percent, 76 degrees.

“Of course the big question is if they use Green cleaning products in the office,” says Mike Sawchuk, Vice President of Enviro-Solutions. “Nearly 70 percent said yes and 27 percent said some. A few respondents said none, and those people, shall we say, may need a bit more educating.

Sidebar: Enviro-Solutions Green Behavior Survey

When traveling, do you turn off all the guest room lights and TV when leaving the room?

Always 70.45 percent

Sometimes 25.00 percent

Rarely 2.27 percent

Never 2.27 percent

When traveling, do you turn down the heat/air-conditioner when leaving the room?

Always 27.27 percent

Sometimes 43.18 percent

Rarely 18.18 percent

Never 11.36 percent

At the end of the workday, do you turn off your office computer?

Always 60.47 percent

Sometimes 9.30 percent

Rarely 20.93 percent

Never 9.30 percent

At what temperature do you set your air-conditioning (cooling) system while at home?

68 degrees 7.14 percent

70 degrees 11.90 percent

72 degrees 50.00 percent

76 degrees 30.95 percent

Do you ever walk or bike to work?

Always 4.65 percent

Sometimes 9.30 percent

Rarely 2.33 percent

Never 83.72 percent

Do you ever walk or bike to run errands?

Always 2.27 percent

Sometimes 40.91 percent

Rarely 11.36 percent

Never 45.45 percent

How many Green cleaning products do you use in your home?

We use only Green cleaning products 18.60 percent

Many 48.84 percent

Some 30.23 percent

None 2.33 percent

Do you use Green cleaning products in your office?

Yes 68.18 percent

No 2.27 percent

Some 27.27 percent

None 2.27 percent

When you shop for groceries, do you bring your own shopping bags?

Always 30.23 percent

Sometimes 46.51 percent

Rarely 23.26 percent

At home, in what temperature do you wash your clothes?

Cold 54.55 percent

Warm 36.36 percent

Hot 9.09 percent

About Enviro-Solutions

Enviro-Solutions is a leading manufacturer of Proven Green, environmentally preferable cleaning products. An ISO-9001 certified company, Enviro-Solutions was established in 1994 with very focused goals: To develop and market a superior line of environmentally preferable cleaning products and solutions. Using advanced technology, the company manufactures products that offer proven safety, health, and environment benefits without sacrificing product performance and are competitively in price.