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Enviro-Clean chosen to replace in-house custodians

July 15, 2009
RICHMOND, MI — The Richmond Community Schools board recently voted 6 to 1 in favor of outsourcing custodial services throughout the district, according to The Voice.
According to the story, the custodians were asked to come up with a savings plan equal to the $285,000 that privatizing their services would provide or else they would be laid off.
In order to keep their jobs, the custodial staff would have had to give up their entire benefits package and take a $5 per hour decrease in pay, something none of them were willing or able to do, the story stated.
The district chose Enviro-Clean Services Inc. to provide custodial services for their schools under a one-year contract that can be terminated for any reason with a 60-day notice or 30 days with cause, the story noted.
Board members assured dissenters that Enviro-Clean would provide the same quality of service the district custodians provided and that they will maintain comparable cleanliness levels at the schools, the story added.
Former trustee Lori Schweiger said: "It may take a little extra oversight on the board''s part but that''s what we''re here for. The last time I served on the board we never had any trust issues with the public. I want the community to trust us."
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