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Empire State Building retrofits 6,514 windows

July 14, 2010
NEW YORK — The Empire State Building is removing and replacing its windows and Anthony Concepcion, work crew supervisor for the contractor, Serious Materials, has a hand in most of them, according to the USA Today.
As part of an effort to become certifiably green, the office tower is removing, retrofitting and replacing each of its 6,514 double-hung, dual-pane windows: That''s 26,056 panes of glass, the article stated.
The building, for four decades the world''s tallest and still the tallest in New York, is spending $13 million on windows, insulation and other upgrades to cut energy use by 38 percent and save about $4.4 million a year, the article noted.
According to the article, the building has earned a score of 90 (out of 100) from the Environmental Protection Agency''s (EPA) ENERGY STAR program: That means a building constructed at a size (102 stories), a time (1930) and a pace (about 14 months) not known for energy efficiency now ranks in the top 10th of commercial office buildings.
Never has a structure so old and so tall gone so green. "It''s the most recognizable building energy retrofit in the world," says Arah Schuur, director of a conservation program at former President Bill Clinton''s foundation, The Clinton Climate Initiative, the article added.
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