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Electronic door opening device reduces touch points

April 13, 2010
DAYTONA BEACH — A new hands-free restroom door opening device reduces touch points and helps minimize waste, giving building occupants and cleaning professionals peace of mind, according to the Los Angeles Times.
The Sanidoor, an electrically-powered device allowing patrons to leave a public restroom without touching a door handle, is already in use at some P.F. Chang''s China Bistro and Port Orange Steakhouse locations, the story stated.
Because a fair number of individuals fail to properly wash their hands after visiting a restroom, the Sanidoor eliminates the risk involved with touching soiled and contaminated restroom door handles, the story noted.
At a cost of roughly $1,300, the motion-activated Sanidoor can significantly reduce paper waste because patrons will no longer feel compelled to use paper towels to grasp restroom door handles while exiting, the story added.
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