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EcoLogo Standards In Development

September 19, 2010

Pool And Spa Water Treatment Products

The EcoLogo Program from TerraChoice Environmental Marketing recently announced the launch of its first standard for Pool and Spa Water Treatment Products (CCD-171).

This standard has been established to encompass water treatment products used to maintain above and below ground residential pools and spas.

A number of different products for residential pools and spas are classified in various subcategories according to specific water treatment needs or functions.

The subcategories in this standard include: Oxidizers, algaecides, balancers (pH increasers, pH decreasers or alkalinity increasers), enhancers (clarifying agents, flocculants, metal sequesters or conditioners) and phosphate removers.

It should be noted that while water sanitizers such as chlorine and bromine-based chemicals are needed to efficiently treat pool and spa water, they are not included in this standard.

Based on a review of currently available lifecycle information, the product category requirements will produce an environmental benefit through a substitution of less intrusive raw materials, a reduction of environmental hazards and an increase in renewable resource and bio-based products.

Specific requirements in this standard will include, for example, enhancers containing bio-based content of at least 50 percent.

A copy of the EcoLogo Pool and Spa Water Treatment Products Standard and all documents pertaining to the development of this standard are available at

Instant Hand Antiseptic Products

On Earth Day this year, GOJO Industries Inc. helped schools, office and government buildings, hospitals, manufacturers, grocery stores and more become greener with the release of the world''s first hand sanitizer to be certified by EcoLogo, one of North America''s most established multi-attribute environmental leadership standards and certification marks.

Available in the United States, the green-certified PURELL 70 Instant Hand Sanitizer is made with 100 percent renewable ethanol in a readily biodegradable formula.

Certification by the EcoLogo Program acknowledges that the product meets the Instant Hand Antiseptic Products Standard (CCD-170) for environmental leadership criteria.

The new PURELL 70 Instant Hand Sanitizer also meets the U.S. Department of Agriculture''s (USDA) BioPreferred program for bio-based content.

PURELL 70 Instant Hand Sanitizer, available in both gel and foam, kills 99.99 percent of most common germs that may cause illness and helps condition skin with a natural moisturizer in a fragrance-free and dye-free formulation.

In addition to being made with renewable plant-based ethanol in a readily biodegradable formula, PURELL 70 Instant Hand Sanitizer further demonstrates sustainability through its GOJO SMART FLEX™ technology.

This product is packaged in lightweight, recyclable polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles made with 30 percent less material and the same durability as standard, rigid high-density polyethylene (HDPE) bottles.

This packaging innovation helps save more than 250 tons of plastic annually.

This past February, EcoLogo announced the launch of its first standard for Instant Hand Antiseptic Products focused on the away-from-home market.

For more about EcoLogo''s Instant Hand Antiseptic Products Standard, visit