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Easy on the stripping

July 12, 2012

FORT WORTH, TX — The process and frequency of stripping and refinishing floors have changed over the past decade, according to a press release.

Following a proper maintenance program will allow you to reduce stripping frequency to every 24 months or longer, the release stated.

Some cleaning professionals actually strip and refinish floors too frequently, which can create significant floor care problems, the release noted.

For instance, some cleaning professionals report that floors dry considerably faster after refinishing if they have been stripped too frequently, the release added.

"If floors are drying too quickly, it can mean the new finish may not adhere properly to the floor. More coats — and more time — may be necessary to build up the shine," said Mike Englund, a cleaning trainer and product manager for Powr-Flite, a leading manufacturer of floor machines.

According to the release, to prevent many floor care problems, Englund recommends the following:

• Scrub floors more frequently
• Be careful to dilute the stripping chemical per manufacturer''s instructions
• Use the appropriate stripping pad
• Rinse and dry the floor thoroughly before applying new finish
• Develop a floor maintenance program that includes mopping, buffing, scrubbing and using restorers.

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