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Earth Friendly Products release 11.19

November 19, 2010
Dulles, Va. - NISSCO (National Independent Sanitary Supply Companies) recognizes Earth Friendly Products as the recipient of its first NISSCO Sustainability Award. The presentation was made by NISSCO''s executive vice president Mark Bozich to Earth Friendly Products'' John Vlahakis, president and Kelly Vlahakis-Hanks, vice president. Also in attendance were NISSCO''s president Keith Marcoe and Luke Bobek, director of industrial and institutional division for Earth Friendly Products. The award was presented at the recent ISSA Show in Orlando.
"At NISSCO we are creating a path and a process for our distributors to partner with bone fide sustainable manufacturers, not just individual products that bear some type of green label," points out Mark Bozich, executive vice-president of NISSCO. "NISSCO distributors can provide their customers a healthier cleaning solution and in turn differentiate themselves from the competition.
"We believe it takes more than offering a few products, paying a fee, and doing the minimum for a supplier to call its self yourself ''green.'' At NISSCO, we look at the larger picture of sustainability and how manufacturers incorporate a cradle-to-cradle consideration in their everyday business activities," Bozich continues. "Earth Friendly Products epitomizes a manufacturer that fully embraces sustainability and therefore the ideal recipient for the first NISSCO Sustainability Award."
Earth Friendly Products, known for pioneering 100% sustainable, plant-based cleaning technology, recently
completed the largest commercial solar panel installation in the state of Illinois at its corporate headquarters located in Addison, Ill. Its other manufacturing plants are in the midst of similar solar installations.
The solar panel installation is an advanced photovoltaic-generating technology with 312 panels that produce up to 67 kilowatts per hour. On a good day, it is estimated that it is the equivalent of 67 microwaves running at the same time and should provide 60 - 80% of the energy needed to power the 104,000 square foot facility.
In addition to the solar panels, the corporate headquarters is equipped with today''s most advanced environmentally preferred technologies. Since moving into the facility in early 2010, the company has been able to more than double its production to keep up with the increasing demand for its distinctive line of 100% sustainable, plant-based cleaning products.
"Our corporate headquarters illustrates our dedication to environmental concerns that goes beyond the plant-based cleaning products we manufacture," points out John Vlahakis, president of Earth Friendly Products. "Sustainability is more than a marketing term for us, it is the way we conduct our everyday activities."
When you enter the corporate headquarters, you are walking on bamboo wood flooring, recycled hard flooring and green label carpeting. The offices contain eco-friendly furniture and the walls are painted with zero-VOC paint. All lighting is either natural or eco-friendly fluorescent. The kitchen and product testing areas contain energy-star appliances and the restrooms are equipped with low-flush toilets and high-efficiency faucets.
"In addition to the physical eco-friendly elements of our headquarters and manufacturing plants, we are also a 95% waste-free manufacturer," adds Kelly Vlahakis-Hanks, vice-president of Earth Friendly Products. "It is exciting to see how our overall sustainability efforts are not only good for the environment, but also reflect well in our operating budget''s bottom line."
The corporate headquarters for Earth Friendly Products is located at 111 S. Rohlwing Road in Addison, Ill., 60601. There are four other manufacturing plants located strategically across the country to provide fast delivery while reducing the overall carbon footprint created by shipping long distances. For more information about Earth Friendly Products Proline, visit
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