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Don't let odors stink up your facilities

September 19, 2010

Keeping floors free from urine can greatly aid your quest for odor-free facilities.

Urine stains on calcium-based floors — such as terrazzo, travertine marble, and concrete — permeate into the pores and, after a while, will also create permanent blemishes.

To treat the floor, first use a degreaser.

Then apply an acid to clean the area — do not use the acid first because it will create a crust that needs to be chiseled away.

Finally, use an enzyme cleaner afterware on the area to remove any residual deposits.

Also, be sure to mop restroom floors with an acid-based cleaner — such as phosphoric or citric acid — to remove urine stains as they occur.

To prevent other odors underfoot, refill the trap in the floor drain with clean water (not dirty mop water) every time the restroom is cleaned.

Use about a cup of water to prevent sewage odors from escaping.

Clean urine deposits from the grills by removing and swabbing them out with degreaser.

Rinse well and repeat the process with phosphoric acid.

Treat drains at lease weekly with a little enzyme cleaner to keep the trap full and to destroy the organics.

James Brewer is executive housekeeper at the University of Texas at Arlington.