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DKI offers 'green' holiday tips

December 7, 2010
WOOD DALE, IL — Disaster Kleenup International Inc. (DKI) is offering tips for those who want to go "green" for the holiday season by saving money and helping the environment, according to a press release.
Each day, each American (on average) produces five to 10 pounds of waste; during the holidays, that number can increase as much as 25 percent, the release stated.
DKI has compiled a list of tips to help you enjoy a "greener" holiday — for both the environment and your wallet, the release note.
According to the release, some of these tips include making your own wrapping paper with recyclable newspaper or other reusable cloth items such as blankets, pillow cases, towels and scarves and recycling your Christmas tree.
"As an environmentally conscious company, we are constantly looking for ways to help reduce our carbon footprint," said Dale Sailer, president of DKI.
"We have a large focus company-wide on going ''green'' and not only are these solutions easy, they offer cost savings as well," Sailer added.
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