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Diversey presents Sustainability Innovation Award

February 7, 2011
AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND — Diversey, a leading global provider of commercial cleaning, sanitation and hygiene solutions, today awarded the company''s Sustainability Innovation Award to UGL Services North America at the eighth World Congress of the World Federation of Building Service Contractors (WFBSC), according to a press release.
UGL Services was recognized for its commitment to green cleaning and for instilling a strong sustainability culture among its employees and customers through its UGL Services GreenClean program, the release noted.
"UGL Services has shown a deep and longstanding commitment to sustainable facility management," said Diversey President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Ed Lonergan.
"The UGL team is demonstrating the integration of sustainable business practices into everyday operations, improving efficiency and reducing environmental impact while enhancing overall health and human hygiene," Lonergan added.
According to the release, UGL Services-Unicco Operations first introduced its GreenClean program in 2004, establishing a complete set of sustainability-focused standard operating procedures (SOP) to guide frontline employees in sustainable cleaning techniques as well as approved green-certified chemicals and equipment.
"UGL Services stood out from an impressive collection of nominees to receive the Diversey Sustainability Innovation Award," said WFBSC President Bob King.
"Through instilling some of the most advanced green cleaning practices into its operations and encouraging other organizations to follow their lead, they are helping to guide the building services industry toward a more sustainable path," King concluded.
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