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District may outsource 23 custodial positions

April 20, 2009
PORTAGE, MI — Portage Public School custodians were surprised to learn that 23 second- and third-shift positions could be eliminated if the district follows through with plans to outsource afterhours custodial work, according to the Kalamazoo Gazette.
Pamela Roman, a custodian at Angling Elementary School, worries that she it may be almost impossible for her to get another job that includes medical insurance and a wage high enough to keep her family financially secure if she loses her job, the story stated.
Bids for private custodial services in the district are due May 12, and only after that will the district make a final decision whether or not they will outsource the work, the story noted.
The district can save considerable amounts of money by outsourcing because private companies generally do the work for less due to the fact that their employees'' salaries and benefits are lower than that of district employees, the story added.
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