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District hires armed security guards to patrol campuses

December 10, 2009
SAN JACINTO, CA — In response to recent incidents of night-shift custodians being assaulted, the San Jacinto Unified School District has hired armed security guards to patrol campuses, according to the Press-Enterprise.
According to the article, the decision to hire a firm to provide security detail for the district comes after the concept of Team Cleaning was introduced to increase the safety of custodians working in schools at night.
San Jacinto Unified School District Superintendent Shari Fox, who called the incidents "anomalies," said: "As of now, everyone is in Team Cleaning, so they are always with one other person, within hollering distance."
The San Jacinto Unified trustees voted earlier this week to hire a security firm for six months at a charge of no more than $65,000 plus $25 per alarm call, the story stated.
In a November 18 incident, a suspect, who demanded money from a male custodian at Edward Hyatt Elementary School and hit him with a stick, ran away after the custodian began yelling at him, the story noted.
In the most recent incident that occurred just after midnight on December 3, a female custodian was found unconscious at Jose Antonio Estudillo Elementary School, presumably the victim of an assault, the story added.
According to the story, the California School Employees Association (CSEA), the union representing the San Jacinto Unified School District custodians, feels hiring a security firm to ensure the well-being of night-shift custodians is a good and necessary move.
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