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Custodians' wacky work rules a dirty scandal

November 9, 2010
NEW YORK — Bizarre work rules that limit the duties required of school custodians have proven longer lasting than the Energizer bunny — surviving despite decades of criticism and heated City Council hearings, according to the New York Post.
Among the controversial provisions to survive the latest custodial union''s contract is one that limits the painting of buildings to 20 percent of what''s required and of walls "to the height of 10 feet," the article stated.
School custodial staffers insist that only a small minority of employees takes advantage of the lax work rules — and that the majority work hard and apply common sense, the article noted.
"While the contract states that the staff only paint up to 10 feet high, we always painted everything anyway," said Ron Glinski, a former custodial staffer at IS 34 on Staten Island.
"When windows are broken, they were fixed immediately — regardless of how many," Glinski added.
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