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Custodians still hard at work

August 2, 2011

LA CROSSE, WI — With only one month to go before school is back in session, custodians are hard at work on their summer to-do lists, according to WXOW-TV.

While many classrooms are still empty, custodians are hard at work prepping and preparing each one during what one custodian calls the school’s “busiest season,” the article stated.

"We clean every chair, desk, window, hallway and classroom, shampoo every classroom''s carpet, strip the floors and refinish and wax them," said Paul Zabel, an 18-year veteran in the La Crosse School District.

"We have 17 classrooms and also have to update the Library, the gym, the cafeteria and the hallways," said Kendhammer, another district custodian.

According to the article, the custodians will sometimes personalize the classrooms.

One of the teachers, Mrs. Fitzgerald, is the "glitter queen," so Zabel and Kendhammer added glitter to the wax in her room, the article noted.

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