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Custodians ready school after year of closure

August 26, 2010
ELDERTON, PA — Elderton Junior Senior High School students and teachers will be walking through the doors of the school Monday morning to classes for the first time in more than a year, according to the Leader Times.
The 55-year-old school building was closed in June 2009 by the Armstrong School District Board of Directors, the article noted.
According to the article, there isn''t a lot of work to do to prepare the school since it was never completely closed: Students in the adjoining elementary school used its computer lab, gym and cafeteria and the public used some of the facilities during the past year.
Head custodian Floyd Burkett and his staff have done some painting, waxed floors, replaced lights in the halls, shined windows, cleaned desks, filled the janitor closest with supplies and moved the stacks of textbooks and classroom supplies into place, the article stated.
"The environment I''m seeing here and what''s been happening here, I''ve forgotten that this is a reopening," said interim principal Rox Serrao.
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