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Custodians protest sick leave policies

December 2, 2009
NEW ORLEANS — Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 21 LA members and employees from Sodexo Inc. held a rally yesterday to protest "an unreasonable leave policy and arbitrary disciplinary policies," according to a press release.
According to the release, Sodexo allegedly has policies in place that unfairly target employees who are ill or who need to care for an ill family member.
It is alleged that Sodexo, which provides custodial services to the Louisiana Recovery School District, has promoted aggressive and potentially dangerous policies that put children at risk and force parents to choose between caring for their sick children and their jobs, the release stated.
Tiyana Landry, a custodian with the Louisiana Recovery School District, said: "My child had a high fever and I had to pick him up from school, and Sodexo management told me if I went to pick him up from school, I would be fired."
Many schools in the Louisiana Recovery School District are understaffed, increasing custodial workloads and putting added pressure on custodians to work extra hours to compensate, the release noted.
SEIU Local 21 LA represents more than 6,000 school support staff and municipal employees throughout the state of Louisiana, the release added.
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