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Custodians asked to do more with less

June 12, 2012

DIXON, CA — A decision to have custodians clean the schools'' carpets, which was previously handled by subcontractors, has angered district custodians, according to the Dixon Patch.

The issue was brought to the board''s attention at last Thursday''s meeting when Carlos Augosto, Service Employees International Union (SEIU) co-president and longtime district custodian, addressed the concern, the article stated.

"Even though I have all due respect for management, my belief is that they don''t have the experience to run a maintenance department. And, they have made certain decisions to upset the custodians," said Augosto.

According to the article, Augosto pointed out that, despite these added duties, their hours have been cut by 40 or more and they are at least 40 percent understaffed throughout the district.

At a recently held training, the custodians were told that, because the district lacks the revenue to subcontract the carpet cleaning services, the responsibility would fall to them, the article noted.

SEIU Field Representative Ian Arnold also spoke at the meeting, explaining that, in the past, when the custodians’ hours were cut, some of their tasks decreased, the article added.

"However, the tasks, including the cleaning of the carpets, were recently put back on the to-do list without an increase in the hours given, making it difficult, if not nearly impossible, for them to reasonably finish everything," said Arnold.

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