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Custodian wins 'Earth Hero' award

April 22, 2011

SAMMAMISH, WA — Dave Holbrook, the head custodian at Creekside Elementary School, has made recycling an important part of the school''s culture, according to the Sammamish Patch.

Holbrook, who oversees lunchtime at the elementary school, makes it his job to remind students to go the extra mile when lunchtime is over, the article noted.

On Thursday, Holbrook received an "Earth Hero at School" award from King County Executive Dow Constantine for his recycling efforts, the second time the custodian has wont the award, the article stated.

"Winners of the ''Earth Heroes at School'' awards are a diverse group who share the common goal of making our world a better place," said Constantine.

"It is an honor to recognize their achievements in environmental education, waste reduction, energy conservation and other positive efforts," Constantine added.

Holbrook has helped the elementary school accomplish a recycling rate of 55 percent, the article added.

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