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Custodian shot inside elementary school

October 14, 2009

SALINAS, CACreekside Elementary School was closed yesterday following a shooting incident inside the school in which the custodian was the victim, according to The Californian.

The unnamed custodian was shot in his upper torso around 6:30 a.m. as he was performing his morning tasks of opening classrooms and multipurpose rooms in the school, the story stated.

According to the story, the custodian was taken to a local hospital and released five hours after being treated for his non-life threatening wound.

Police are investigating whether the shooting, which turned the school into a crime scene for nearly the entire day, was part of a robbery attempt or whether it was gang-related, the story noted.

Because custodians and cafeteria workers, who generally begin their shifts around 6 a.m., are concerned with their personal safety, Alisal Union School District will provide early-morning workers with advanced radios so they can communicate with other district employees, the story added.

Esperanza Zendejas, Alisal Union School District superintendent, said: "We don''t want to scare them. Students are able to process different levels of information. But just in case students or staff feel overwhelmed today, counselors and a psychologist will be on campus to help them cope with the situation. Some great ideas came out of the meetings [with employees.] We will be able to implement some of them right away."
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