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Custodian returns traveler's $25k diamond ring

July 22, 2010

PITTSBURGH – A Utah woman owes a debt of gratitude to an airport custodian after the worker found the lady''s $25,000, 25th wedding anniversary ring, according to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

Janet Massimino lost the ring while in Pittsburgh International Airport and an airport custodian, John Beatty, found the 2-carat diamond ring with baguettes and other smaller diamonds on the floor, stated the article.

Massimino, who took off the prized jewelry piece when she was putting lotion on her hands, said: "Anyone who found it could have easily put it in their pocket and just walked away. It''s a wonderful thing they turned it in. I can''t thank everyone enough."

An airport authority official arranged to send the ring to its owner, stated the article.

Airport Spokesman Jeff Martinelli assured: "I think 99 percent of the population, not just airport employees, would have turned that ring in," adding that the ring was the most expensive item returned during his tenure, beating out false teeth, baby strollers, knee braces, driver''s licenses and an acoustic guitar.

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