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Custodian restored to former position

July 30, 2012

METHUEN, MA — A custodian accused of embezzling money from her union has been restored to her previous senior position and salary, according to the Eagle-Tribune.

In May 2011, Beth Reuter was accused of writing checks to herself for more than $6,000, while treasurer of the Methuen Custodial Association, and was fired, the article stated.

According to the article, Reuter was hired back at a lower pay rate in an agreement signed nearly six months later.

"On May 27, she returned to her Senior Custodian position per agreement," Superintendent Judith Scannell wrote in a July 23 memo to the Eagle-Tribune.

Reuter''s salary starting on May 27 was $62,906.00, which is the same amount she made before she was fired in 2011, according to school department payroll records, the article noted.

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