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Custodian living the American Dream

May 18, 2010
FREDERICKSBURG, VA — The last bell has just rung at Gayle Middle School in Stafford County, and the burly gray-haired custodian is a blur of motion. He rolls his trash and recycle bins through halls crowded with middle-schoolers, many of whom greet him with grins and waves, according to The Fredericksburg.
Just about everyone at Gayle knows 51-year-old Gheorghe Tomoiaga — "George" now that he''s an American — the enthusiastic custodian who''s also a classical violinist and passionate supporter of his adopted country, the article notes.
While they''ve spoken to him in the hallways and enjoyed his occasional musical performances, few at Gayle have heard his life story — from his birth in Romania to what he calls his rebirth in the United States, the article stated.
Not once, he said, did he ever encounter the hostility or discrimination some other immigrants report facing. He was, he says, embraced by Americans just as he embraced America.
As his personal and working life took shape in Stafford, Tomoiaga kept his musical interests alive as well.
He''s been a member of the Spotswood Community Orchestra for two years and the Rappahannock Pops Orchestra since it was formed 10 years ago.
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