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Custodian fired for making comments on Facebook

November 20, 2009
PEMBERTON, NJ — A Howard L. Emmons Elementary School custodian was fired for making comments on the social networking website Facebook, according to the Burlington County Times.
Roy Torrez, Jr. was let go after a unanimous vote from the Pemberton Township Schools Board of Education following comments on his personal Facebook page criticizing Pemberton Township''s handling of apparent cases of the H1N1 influenza A (swine flu) virus among school faculty members, the story stated.
On October 26, one of his posts read: "Two confirmed cases of faculty members in the school having H1N1 and coming to work anyway? Real (expletive) smart, people. And the administration isn''t gonna tell parents about it! Real educated (expletive) here. Already shaping up to be a good week."
An October 28 post read: "Let''s hold a huge event here at the school and possibly spread more infection instead of doing the smart thing and canceling it for the greater good and health of the community. Then again, that would just make too much sense."
Torrez said his custodial keys and his identification were confiscated on November 10 and that he was told to stay home pending the school board''s hearing, the story noted.
Torrez said: "I didn''t feel like I did anything wrong. I feel like it''s a lack of due process. I don''t know why the school was looking at my Facebook page anyway. I never received a warning."
Torrez told recently that the reason he was fired is because he was posting comments during work hours by using his cellular telephone, the story added.
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