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Custodian dies in motorcycle accident

August 16, 2010
SALT LAKE CITY, UT — The head custodian at a junior high school died Friday after he lost control of a three-wheeled motorcycle and crashed in the school''s parking lot, according to The Salt Lake City Tribune.
Aziz Gaily, 52, had been invited to take a spin on the Cam-Am Spyder Roadster by a co-worker; during the ride, he struck a curb at Matheson Junior High School, the article noted.
Gaily was propelled about 30 feet through the air, then landed on his chin and face on an asphalt running track, landing near a baseball field backstop: He was later pronounced dead at Jordan Valley Hospital, the article stated.
According to the article, Gaily suffered severe head injuries: Paramedics said he was unconscious, barely breathing and had a thready pulse when they arrived.
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