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Custodian claims mental handicap led to termination

October 5, 2009
YORKVILLE, IL — A custodian is suing the Yorkville Community Unit School District #115, claiming he was fired for reasons directly related to his mental handicap, according to the Beacon News.
Adam Hazel, a former second-shift custodian at Circle Center Grade School for more than a year, was told to hand in his keys at a meeting with administrators on September 25, the story stated.
According to the story, Hazel was unsure if he had actually been fired until hours after the meeting when he received a voice mail on his cell phone from an administrator confirming that he was officially terminated.
A letter to Hazel from the Yorkville School District stated that Hazel''s performance concerns included: Difficulty in completing the assigned job, which led to "numerous administration, teacher and custodial complaints;" inability to cooperate with peers; and inability to take direction from the building supervisor in a positive manner, the story noted.
Hazel, who has an educable mentally handicap, said: "What I have is very common. But when you have a hidden disability, it''s hard to detect because you don''t have a crippled hand or a crippled foot. I''ve always had a problem with employers, and it''s tough, I''ve learned from my mistakes, and I''m not going to have anyone walk all over me."
Hazel believes he was fired wrongfully by the district because he was not given a 14-day notification, the story added.
The district states that employment may be terminated by either party by giving "14 calendar days advance written notice of termination to the other party without specifying any reason for termination."
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