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Custodian by day, rapper by night

October 27, 2011

NEW HAVEN, CT — A Pierson College custodian, who moonlights as a rapper, is seeing his most recent music video gain popularity on YouTube, according to the Yale Daily News.

During the day he''s known as Jackson Mills, a custodian at the school, but at night he becomes Buck Breeze, a rapper with a heavy internet following, the article stated.

According to the article, Mills has been pursuing a musical career for the past 10 years, performing shows that range from local gigs to as far as Amsterdam.

In an interview with an independent online music magazine, Mills explained that the frequent violence in New Haven influences his music, the article noted.

"Somebody shot or dead every other day," Mills said in the interview. "I know it''s real everywhere, but this is all I know and this is what affects me."

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