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Custodian a Disneyland fixture

August 6, 2012

ANAHEIM, CA — Forty-eight years ago, Mike Larson''s first job consisted of pushing a "honey bucket" to clean up the messes Disneyland''s carriage horses left behind, according to The Orange County Register.

Hired in 1964, Larson is now the second longest tenured employee at Disneyland, outnumbered in years only by chef Oscar Martinez, the article stated.

According to the article, while he started out as a human pooper scooper, Larson is now the lead custodian, overseeing the cleaning staff and the cleaning of at least 25 restrooms during a typical shift.

In the early years, Disneyland custodians did everything from sealing concrete and cleaning up fireworks debris to mopping spills and dusting the high parts of the Main Street, U.S.A. buildings, the article noted.

"People, when they come to Disneyland, their experience in a restroom is one of their defining moments," said Mike Sweeney, operations manager for Disneyland custodial.

"We take it very seriously, and we''re very proud that our cast members do, too," Sweeney added.

Larson and his crew often have to find lost items, including children; they retrieve cellphones, keys and other things from the waterways.

"Kids like to throw shoes in the moat," said Larson.

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