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July 6, 2011

Summer Mat Care Tips

Fremont, OH – This time of year, many facilities install what are termed “barefoot” matting systems around wet areas, such as swimming pools, Jacuzzis, and shower areas, allowing water and moisture to flow under the mat while keeping the top surface dry.

However, in time, these mats have to be cleaned.

Often facilities simply “hose down” barefoot mats. However, this will not remove all soils, bacteria films, and other contaminants that may be on the mat. And with concerns about using water more responsibly, this may no longer even be an option.

The following Summer Mat Care suggestions from Crown Mats and Matting are designed to help facility service providers keep barefoot matting clean and healthy.

Hand cleaning: Smaller mats can be cleaned by applying an all-purpose cleaner or cleaner/disinfectant; allow the chemical/water solution to penetrate the area and then rinse with water. In some cases, a stiff brush may be necessary to loosen and help remove soils followed by rinsing.

Steam cleaning: For barefoot mats used in shower areas, where the spread of infection can be a concern, using steam cleaners is an option. Heat generated should be more than 200 degrees. If concerned about its impact on the mat, test the steamer in an inconspicuous area of the mat first. Rinse the mat after cleaning.

Spray-and-vac: Some larger facilities use spray-and-vac cleaning systems to clean mats. Using the machine as an indoor pressure washer, the mats can be cleaned in place or hung, so that both sides of the mat can be cleaned. This is probably the fastest and most thorough way to clean barefoot mats.

Degreasing: Very soiled mats may need to be cleaned using a degreaser, especially if they are installed in food service areas. The matting may need to be completely immersed in a solution of warm water and degreaser for several minutes. Once removed, it can be lightly brushed and then rinsed.

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