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CRI and Housekeeping Channel provide free SOA listing

November 2, 2009
BOISE, ID — The Housekeeping Channel (HC), as part of its agreement with the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI), is offering CRI-certified Seal of Approval (SOA) service providers the opportunity for a free listing, complete with the SOA identifying logo, according to a press release.
The listing will be part of HC''s Cleaning Services Finder that helps consumers find home and carpet cleaning services based on service area zip codes, the release stated.
Service Providers may include as much information about their company as they like — subject to final editing and space requirements — and it is an absolutely free service, the release noted.
Those in the cleaning industry who use both a SOA-certified cleaning solution in conjunction with SOA-certified cleaning equipment are eligible to be recognized by the CRI as SOA-certified service providers, the release added.
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