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Controversy over electrolyzed water continues

March 16, 2011

PLYMOUTH, MN — Nilfisk-Advance has released a third set of independent test results related to Tennant''s ec-H2O cleaning performance, according to a press release.

The third set of independent tests measured the cleaning performance of ec-H2O relative to plain tap water using Hucker''s soil, an industry-recognized soil containing no petroleum products and used to test the performance of surface cleaners, the release stated.

The testing showed no performance difference between a Tennant scrubber using ec-H2O and the same scrubber using only plain tap water, the release noted.

"These current test results complete the scientific picture showing that ec-H2O performs no better and no different than plain tap water when used in a commercial floor scrubber," said Michael Fenger, general manager of product marketing, EMEA/APAC for Nilfisk-Advance.

"Nothing in the comprehensive data, collected under controlled and repeatable testing conditions, supports Tennant''s continued claims that ec-H2O acts like a ''powerful cleansing agent/detergent''," Fenger added.

According to the release, Nilfisk-Advance has previously commissioned two separate independent tests to measure Tennant''s claims regarding ec-H2O''s performance.

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