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Conscientious Carpet Care

March 11, 2011

After a facility has installed carpeting, the cleaning staff needs to contemplate several factors in order to maintain the carpet''s appearance for as long as possible.

Some of those factors include traffic, climate, facility use, etc.

However, these factors, which are non-constant variables that differ in each facility, cannot be controlled.

Instead, there are certain protocols facilities managers can put into place to keep these variables from ruining carpeting.

These procedures include cleaning frequently, training of cleaning staff as to proper chemical and equipment use and choosing ideal products to match specific tasks.

Traditional products are being revamped, upgraded and remodeled to promote ergonomics, productivity and overall safety.

In some cases, training is required for complete understanding of newer products, but manufacturers are working steadfast to make the equipment easier and more intuitive to use.

In addition to products being easier to use, chemical manufacturers are taking into consideration the potentially negative affects on user health.

As such, several manufacturers are reformulating their products to be less caustic and safer not only for end-user and building occupant health, but the environment, too.