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Complaints mount that school smells of urine and dead rodents

December 9, 2010
BRONX, NY — Despite complaints of Herbert H. Lehman High School smelling of urine and dead rodents, custodial supervisor Ted McCullough has refused to rehire some of the laid-off custodians, according to the New York Daily News.
The remaining eight custodians have been pressured to work overtime and have been allegedly threatened by McCullough that they will be written up if they refuse to perform the added work, the story stated.
A current custodian who requested anonymity said: "There''s no way we can complete the entire job.
We''ve had a skeleton crew for over a month now — there''s no ''Superman'' who can clean up what we have to clean up."
According to the story, McCullough also has been giving cleaning assignments to the school''s three "firemen" who maintain the building''s boiler room — a breach of union contract.
The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 32BJ, the union representing workers at the school, caught wind of the situation and filed a grievance last Tuesday against McCullough.
A lack of action prompted the SEIU 32BJ to pursue arbitration against McCullough and demand answers as to why Lehman''s current custodians are being paid an extra $32 an hour for overtime work — cash that could have been saved by calling back the laid-off custodians, the story noted.
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