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Company keeps bio-recovery cleaning discreet

December 1, 2009
ST. AUGUSTINE, FL — Mark Purdy, owner of St. Johns BioRecovery, says he loves his job and performs his crime and trauma scene cleanup as conveniently and discreetly as possible, according to the St. Augustine Record.
When Purdy is called to a hotel for cleanup after a trauma, he will wear regular clothing in the public areas of the hotel; then, after entering the room, he puts up the "Do Not Disturb" sign and dons his hazardous material gear, the story stated.
Using enzyme-based cleaners, surfactants, disinfectants and tuberculocides, Purdy cleans from the worst area outward, decontaminating as he works, the story noted.
According to the story, because decomposing bodies are often accompanied by foul smells, Purdy uses an ozone machine that creates a .3-micron molecule, which bonds with an oxygen molecule to create a reaction that helps dissipate any odors.
To become certified as a bio-recovery technician, Purdy attended a National Institute of Decontamination Specialists (NIDS) school in South Carolina that consisted of hands-on training to teach students the proper techniques for bio-recovery cleanup, including what tools to use, which chemicals to use for specific situations and other safety issues, the story added.
Purdy said: "Somebody has to do it. I feel as if I was called to do this. I thoroughly enjoy my job. I try to make it as convenient and discreet as possible for people."
According to the article, Purdy''s work vehicle is set up to stage decontaminated materials for disposal and he labels his truck while transporting the bio-hazardous material to a state-approved facility where it will be incinerated.
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