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College of Staten Island adds unisex restrooms

April 21, 2010
STATEN ISLAND, NY — To make the campus more friendly for transgender students and those with small children, the College of Staten Island is making some restrooms unisex, according to the Gothamist.
The changes will be made to eight mens'' rooms by simply adding a door lock to one restroom in each campus building, the story stated.
Some around campus have dissenting views and feel that having the ability to lock the main restroom door when there are seven unused stalls inside will cause unnecessary lines, the story noted.
Professor Syed Rizvi of the College of Staten Island said: "It''s common sense, really. It provides people with a safe environment to perform basic human functions."
The College of Staten Island Inclusive Excellence Committee got the idea for the gender-neutral restrooms after a visit to the University of Vermont, which has unisex restrooms, the story added.
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