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College custodial services to bill students for flier pick-up

February 22, 2010

EAU CLAIRE, WI — Student organizations at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire that leave fliers on campus will be charged up to $90 per hour for the cleanup, according to the Spectator.

According to the story, the policy — which has always been allowed under university policy — is being enforced more than ever due to the time it takes to pick up the fliers and a reduction in the campus custodial staff.

Custodial Manager Ray Francis said that it could take up to an hour just to clean fliers from a lecture hall and, with the number of custodians falling from 60 to 44 over the past two decades, paper fliers left in classrooms jeopardizes the cleanliness of the campus, the story stated.

Allison Kimble, a student whose organization was billed for flier cleanup, said: "I think $90 is a little steep, but I can see how the administration would put it at that level to ensure that it just won''t happen."

Students and professors at the college also complain that fliers are an "archaic" method of advertising, and can be distracting, the story added.

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