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COIT release 4.20

April 20, 2012

Coit Makes Revolutionary Donation to Cancer Research

In an economy where conditions make it hard for businesses to thrive, let alone help others, a nationwide carpet cleaning company is taking advantage of a unique solution to benefit a nationwide pediatric brain cancer charity.

Coit Cleaners, a nationwide leader in carpet, drapery and upholstery cleaning, has wanted to give back to the cancer community. By taking advantage of the SeCURE Payments program created by Infintech, Coit is able to benefit The Cure Starts Now Foundation.

“Credit card processing is a necessary part of being in business, but it doesn''t need to be expensive. By aligning ourselves with Infintech, we not only get top notch service on processing those transactions, we saved money on the processing and had the added benefit of giving back to the community,” said Janet Donelan, COO of Coit Cleaners. Donelan raved that Coit Cleaners was happy to support The Cure Starts Now Foundation, a Cincinnati-based pediatric brain cancer charity started in honor of 6 year-old Elena Desserich and her fight against brain cancer. The program allows participating companies the ability to save up to 40 percent on payment processing and 25 percent of the net processing revenue is donated to The Cure Starts Now Foundation.

“We are so grateful that Janet and her team have taken advantage of this great innovative way to marry normal everyday business needs with an ability to give back to such a worthy cause,” said Brooke Desserich, Executive Director of The Cure Starts Now.