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CM B2B Trade Group™ announces new online carpet care resource

September 19, 2010

The CM B2B Trade Group™ has launched a new online information center — CM i-Focus™ on Carpet Care. (

The CM i-Focus™ on Carpet Care is an incredible information resource for cleaning and maintenance professionals, and covers a wide variety of information regarding the cleaning and maintenance of carpet.

The CM i-Focus™ on Carpet Care is sponsored by the Tennant Company, and contains links to archived stories from both CM/Cleaning & Maintenance Management® and CM/Cleanfax® magazines.

CM i-Focus™ sites also contain educational and training products, industry events, frequently asked questions, an ask the experts feature, and much more!

The CM i-Focus™ on Carpet Care also contains links to information from the sponsor including featured products, articles, research, trade show schedules, and more.

“The CM i-Focus™ on Carpet Care is the first of many CM i-Focus™ websites on a variety of topics,” said Matt Gallinger, publisher of the CM B2B Trade Group™.

“More and more professionals in the cleaning and maintenance industry are turning to the Internet for information that helps them do their jobs, and the i-Focus™ sites are designed to be a one-stop shop for all information related to a particular topic,” Gallinger said.

“The i-Focus™ is not a static set of information — the CM Group will be adding articles, educational opportunities, and other relevant content to the CM i-Focus™ on Carpet Care on a monthly basis. This is a dynamic, interactive web-based resource that is worthy of repeat visits,” said Gallinger.

“The CM Group plans to launch CM i-Focus™ Info Centers on Productivity and on Hard Floor Care later in 2005, with other topics to follow,” said Gallinger.

“We’re thrilled to have Tennant Company as our first sponsor,” said Gavigan, “and we look forward to partnering with other key vendors in the JanSan, carpet cleaning, and disaster restoration industries to offer additional CM i-Focus™ Info Centers in the near future.”