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Clorox comes clean about ingredients

February 10, 2011
OAKLAND, CA — Clorox had laid claim to be the first company in its industry to disclose preservatives and dyes in all U.S. and Canadian cleaning, disinfecting and laundry products, according to the Environmental Leader.
The disclosures build on Clorox''s existing practice of listing active ingredients, which it has provided to customers for two years, the article noted.
The company will list the fragrance ingredients by numerical and alphabetical order and link to a document listing each ingredient''s chemical name and Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) Registry Number, which is assigned to every chemical available in open scientific literature, the article stated.
"We applaud Clorox''s continued efforts to become even more transparent with respect to the ingredients in their products," said Sierra Club Chairman Carl Pope.
"This is another example of the company responding to the immediate needs and interests of consumers," Pope added.
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