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Clever thieves target housekeepers

February 17, 2012

PORT ST. LUCIE, FL — A group of thieves appear to be targeting hotel rooms while housekeepers are cleaning, according to the Treasure Coast Palm.

Guests have reported high-security airport badges and a laptop computer missing, thought to be the work of people who attempt to distract the cleaning staff while they work, the article stated.

"They''re going up to the floors where housekeeping is, and while the housekeepers are inside the rooms cleaning, the suspects are going in and they''re rummaging through personal belongings left behind," said Officer Tom Nichols, a Port St. Lucie police spokesman.

According to the article, a staff member from a Holiday Inn Express told police two men entered a room where a maid was cleaning; the staff member said the men went in as if the room was theirs, but the maid said she needed more time and asked if they could return in 10 minutes.

"One suspect allegedly distracted the maid ... while it is alleged that the other suspect may have been looking around the room for items of value," a report noted.

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