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September 19, 2010

This month is our special CM/Spotlight: Infection control issue.

Although the spotlight issues have been prevalent in CMM''s editorial coverage for years, infection control is a topic that is relatively new to our package.

Reacting to market trends
Last year, with news of MRSA, C. diff and VRE, and how these threats are impacting the JanSan industry, it seemed only logical to dedicate our coverage to focus on infection control.

In this month''s issue we''ve enlisted the help of top experts in the field to provide advice on testing microbes, ensuring hygienic cleaning and controlling risk at your facilities.

Scientific measurement evidence of the presence of microorganisms is gradually helping many end users in the field validate service, elevate cleaning''s purpose and reveal that appearance-based cleaning alone might be a customer service tool of the past.

Leading, forward-thinking in-house cleaners and BSCs are using ATP measurement to great success.

The four-step process of ATP measurement — swab, snap and squeeze, insert and read results — can provide proof of service, validate a need for cleaning, assist in employee training and garner other benefits for our industry.

According to some experts, microbial measurement is the future of our industry.

Get onboard with scientific cleaning today and help customers see beyond the surface.

Reader report

Last month, the editors of CM/Cleaning & Maintenance Management had the opportunity of meeting with a local reader in the Northeast.

The reader, who is a facilities director of a convention center, a sports arena as well as a few theaters, graciously welcomed us for the afternoon to discuss her most critical issues and the ins-and-outs of maintaining three high-traffic facilities.

Like most in-house cleaners and building service contractors, this particular reader "wears several hats" and is responsible for various functions of the facilities, beyond janitorial tasks.

Additionally, shared the reader, the facilities are publically-funded as county buildings and work on a deficit each year. So how does the crew of 30 employees keep the facilities, which are landmarks in the area, clean during tough times and severe weather conditions?

"We all have to work together," asserted the reader, who added that turnover is not an issue.

During this particular reader visit, sustainability, energy conservation and green cleaning were common themes discussed.

Why? According to the reader, "Because of the cost savings and the [multitude] of other benefits" that these initiatives offer.

We''d like to thank our reader for taking the time out of her busy schedule to meet with us.


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