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Cleaning crews tackle Tacoma Dome

April 4, 2012

TACOMA, WA — The Tacoma Dome will shine once more thanks to a six-man cleaning crew, according to The News Tribune.

It will take close to a month for the crew, who will rappel from the top down, to clean the landmark with scrub brushes and pressure washers, the article stated.

According to the article, the workers know to expect the unexpected when it comes to what they might encounter while cleaning; so far, workers have retrieved tennis balls and a nine-millimeter (mm) bullet shell from the roof''s gutter.

"It''s such a high-visibility job. Everybody''s watching, and we''re the lucky people who actually go to the top," said site foreman Dave Yeisley.

The dome, which has been cleaned twice before, is funding this round of cleaning from an anonymous donation of up to $103,835, the article noted.

There were two conditions with the donation: The work must be done by May 8 and nobody can know who funded the cleaning, the article added.

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