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Cleaning carpets is a family affair

October 26, 2010
GARDENDALE, AL — Johnny Manasco is the owner and operator of Ray''s Carpet Cleaning, which services all of Jefferson and Blount Counties and some of Shelby County, according to The North Jefferson News.
"Ray" is Manasco''s father, who started the business in 1979 and turned it over to Manasco about eight years ago, the article noted.
Although he hasn''t owned the business long, Manasco worked for his father for years; he started cleaning carpets in the afternoons when he was in high school, the article stated.
"I learn something new every day," Manasco said. "Every house is different."
He said he likes his job because he escapes the monotony of a desk job: His customers are as varied as the houses he cleans, the article added.
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