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Clean Tec press release

May 28, 2010
Survey Looks at Carpet Tec’s Customer Retention Techniques
Coeur d''Alene, ID - May 28, 2010 - Although many sectors of the professional cleaning industry have been affected by the recession, one segment that has experienced the greatest negative impact is carpet cleaners.
Many customers, both homeowners and businesses, simply postponed carpet cleaning as long as they could.
However, the market appears to be turning around now, and many carpet cleaners are working hard to resume relationships with old customers.
U.S. Products, a leading manufacturer of carpet cleaning, floor care, and restoration equipment, e-mailed subscribers of the company’s newsletter, asking if they have a customer retention program and what their experiences with it have been.
Fifty-six percent indicated they do have a program to keep in touch with previous clients.
Asked how their programs work, 34 percent indicated they simply call past customers every six to twelve months. Additional responses:
• Ten percent indicated they send out an ongoing newsletter.
• Nine percent said they mail a monthly postcard.
• Twenty-four percent indicated they do both.
• However, nearly a third marked "Other." *
Those "Other" respondents were asked to fill in the customer retention practices they have. Some of their responses included these:
• Send thank you note after cleaning.
• Once a year send a letter addressed to their pet
• Call and/or personally visit
• Send out coupons for next cleaning
• Send a reminder postcard every 12 months.
• Drop by and say hi.
A third of the respondents indicated they do track the results of their customer retention programs. But more than 60 percent said they “do not” or do only "sometimes."
Whether they hear from previous customers or not, nearly 60 percent say they continue to contact them, even if it has been two or more years since they last cleaned their carpets.
"We also asked what type of customer is most receptive to a customer retention program," says Nick Wiebe, marketing manager with U.S. Products. "Homeowners were at the top of the list (about 40 percent), followed by office buildings (25 percent) and then schools and medical facilities at nine percent. Restaurants came in dead last at just 2 percent."
*All percentages rounded; may not equal 100 percent
On May 19, 2010, about 3,000 invitations were e-mailed to newsletter subscribers asking them to take the survey. By May 26, 224 people had completed the survey. This survey is "of interest" only. No attempt is made or implied that this is a scientific survey.